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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

From an outside perspective, digital marketing agencies may start to look alike. There are thousands of digital marketing agencies alone, and that doesn’t take into consideration the agencies that offer just one service, like PPC or social media management.

Here is how we differentiate Laser Sight Digital: We get a lot of leads from our own marketing efforts (we are an inbound marketing agency, after all), but we put the greatest effort into pursuing relationships with companies we believe in and that we think we can help get results. We want to work with companies that are practice business in an ethical, professional manner and want to do good in their community. For example, it can be the medical manufacturer that helps physicians perform better surgeries, the tech company creating software to improves workplace efficiency, the manufacturer that is creating innovative ways to conserve water or the healthcare system that is not only saving lives but creating hundreds of jobs in the community.

This sets us apart from many other agencies that, in order to grow, will work with just about any brand willing to hire them. Those agencies most often apply a stock formula of tactics from a menu of services. We take the time to interview our prospective clients and ensure that we work with brands of our choosing who want to form a long-term partnership.

We’re set apart by the level of experience our team offers and our track record of success.

On the surface, we typically work with both B2B and B2C companies with $1 million+ in annual revenue, and a digital marketing budget greater than $50,000. But the companies we have the best relationships with are those that have positioned themselves as industry leaders through traditional marketing methods and are now ready to take marketing in a “new direction” by employing digital marketing strategies.

It is also helpful when a company understands the methods and resources necessary to achieve success online. To truly implement digital marketing requires the expertise of several team members. Often times, the companies we work with are looking for immediate growth and do not want to go through the costly process of hiring internal members.

Yes, we offer a complete solution for all things digital marketing. Our focus is on the big three: Amazon Advertising, Facebook Advertising, and Google Ads. Over the years, we’ve found that our client’s dollars are effective on these platforms for an omnichannel marketing approach.

We also provide other services such as email marketing and Amazon product listing optimization (Amazon SEO).

We help our clients develop their online brand based on their company’s already established brand guidelines. If you need help developing your company’s overall brand and guidelines, have a chat with us and we can help create and voice your brand on the digital sphere.

You will have a marketing specialist assigned to your account and an account manager. The account manager will be your main point of contact.

We work in a remote office with professionals hired all around the United States. This virtual office allows us to hire the best of the best and maintain and wonderful work-life balance for our team. 

We usually begin with a new client 2-4 weeks after a signed service agreement. We use the time before starting services  to prepare our team for service launch. We do things like transfer knowledge from our engagement strategist to your dedicated marketing team members, find a writer specifically for your business and prepare tools and templates for you. This preparation helps us create a smooth and easy transition with our clients.  

However, if you need to start immediately, talk to us and we can schedule our team to begin as soon as possible with your engagement.

We offer at a minimum, a six month contract for all new client relationships. We have found this to be the optimal length of time to evaluate our impact to your marketing efforts. After the initial six months, if we see a long-term fit, we do extend our relationship into a long-term contract.

We are happy to report that we retain a 92%+ client retention rate and have clients with us for more than 2 years+.

Yes, each advertising platform (Amazon, Facebook, or Google) will have it’s recommended minimum ad spend.

Once we’ve had the opportunity to learn more about your business and goals, our team will audit and research to recommend a minimum budget to be allocated towards ad spend. 

Note: This budget is specifically for ad spend and Laser Sight Digital will never take any portion of this budget for our service fee unless otherwise agreed. Our service fees are 100% separate from your dedicated marketing ad spend budget.

One of our largest challenges is getting buy-in and understanding of the methodology from the leadership team. One potential challenge could be that other stakeholders, including product managers and sales managers, may not be as familiar with the methodology and tactics and therefore need more education to fully support the direction you’re headed. You can prepare by including these people in your decision-making process and the kickoff meeting. Then, once you get started, include them in the regularly scheduled meetings relevant to their roles.

Because we don’t have templated solutions or a “cookie-cutter” approach, we cannot provide pricing information without receiving details from you about your company and your marketing goals. We realize each one of our clients has a different goal and are in different places along their growth horizon. This is why we take the time upfront to understand your situation and help you make the right decision for your business.

Inbound marketing is more than just converting visitors into customers; Inbound marketing may focus on building brand authority in your industry, which is important to the long-term health of your business. 

However, our reporting allows you to see all key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as return on ad spend, spend, sales, clicks, impressions, etc. 

Schedule a call with us so we can go over the probable return you should be expecting in any given marketing channel (Facebook, Amazon, and/or Google).

There is no set answer to this question because there are multiple factors involved, such as your industry, how well your website is already performing, how much and how often content is produced, and many more elements. Having a long-term, marathon-like, mentality with your inbound marketing is the best way to think about results.

During our initial strategy call, we can lay out an expected timeline once we learn more about your business and have had a chance to audit your ad accounts and/or website conversion rates.

Of course hiring marketers internally is an option that many companies use. The benefit to hiring an digital marketing agency like us is that we have experience doing digital marketing and you’d have a team of us working together on each client.

Plus, we don’t call out sick, you don’t have to pay us benefits or insurance, and we don’t take vacations (except the weekends 😉)

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